Blossom Leilani Crawford

A good friend and colleague  Blossom Leilani Crawford

A good friend and colleague Blossom Leilani Crawford

Special Thanks to Blossom for taking the time to sit down with us, we spoke before I started teaching the Thursday night Pilates Basics class (Thursdays 6:30pm) at the MMDC. It turns out she is a great inspiration for teachers as well as students. We are building a very strong pilates program at the Mark Morris Dance Center I hope you can come check it out. There is more info on her classes and Pilates Basics, as well as the other great offerings at the MMDC, to be found here:


We are lucky to have here in Brooklyn, what I think is the best pilates mat class in NYC. Wednesday evenings at 6pm (Beg/Inter) and 7pm (Intermediate) , at the MMDC,,
Blossom Crawford teaches from the traditional rep, and draws from her years working with pilates elders Kathy Grant and Romana Krzywerski. Blossom has developed her own inimitable style over the years. I find the beginning class challenging physically and mentally, the intermediate class is seriously stimulating.

Blossom and I grabbed a quick couple of minutes to chat while her son Gus was in dance class, and daughter Sabine was trying to balance on one of the wobble boards at the MMDC/Wellness Center.

NLP: How long have you been teaching your Pilates class?

BC: You tell me, when did you stop teaching that class

NLP: Well, I started it 13 years ago

BC: I think you did it for a year and so…  I’ve been doing it for 12 years. Feels like only six.

NLP: That’s a good sign

BC: There are some people that have been in the class for 12 years.

NLP: So when you started teaching, was your class based on Cathy’s class? (Kathy Grant was an elder pilates teacher  who taught at the NYU/Tisch School of the Arts/Dance and Bendels )

BC: No Cathy’s class was really for NYU students who were required to attend. I had to make money and create a different class.

NLP: Did you love taking Cathy’s class when you were attending NYU?

BC: I did

NLP: Is that when you started thinking about teaching?

BC: No. I think I was still bartending, even after I got certified for Pilates. I had to get fired before I started teaching Pilates. It was intimidating to think about being a teacher.

NLP: So when you started the class and took over from me, you….simplified the class?

BC: I did more of the classical stuff with just a little bit of new. It was really the first time I got to play around, which was really nice.

NLP: When I have dropped in over the years there has always been a  new angle to what you’re doing. I remember a few years back there was a little more yoga in it.

BC: I’m always playing around because if I’m getting bored my students are probably getting bored. I try to come at it from a different way all the time.

NLP: What would be the thru line over the past 12 years

BC: To keep looking, keep playing. Even when you look at the pictures of Mr. Pilates you can see there are so many things he did. You just have to play around with it all.

NLP: I think I tend to get more out of your beginning class

BC: I think I do too.

NLP: It’s amazing how hard it is. It’s challenging even though it covers simple stuff.

BC: Yes. And it’s hard when you have all those different levels of students. I cater to both. I also try to cater to people who want to push themselves and people who don’t.

NLP: Do you ever want to include an aspect that is more oriented towards dancers?

BC: I’m thinking about doing a Pilates For Dancers 6 week workshop. There is a lot I don’t do here because I need to address my client base who are not dancers but there’s really great stuff for dancers.

Here is Tina Fehlandt demonstrating an exercise Blossom and I both teach: The Cat
Find more from Blossom on The Cat on her website at www. Bridge Pilates


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