Happy New Academic Year!

Resolutions or Inspirations?

Hope you find peace and happiness this year and if you need help with your resolutions or inspirations try Nathaniel Lee Pilates. One-on-one sessions are available now.

Or you can find your New Year's inspiration with Pilates Basics!

Tina Fehlandt showing good form in the teaser

Tina Fehlandt showing good form in the teaser

Starting Thursday January 7th We are starting up a new cycle in the Pilates Basics Mat Class at The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center. The course cycle touches on all of Joseph Pilates' Principles of Exercise: Two weeks each on Breath, Concentration, Center, Control, Flow, Precision. This is a drop-in class and is designed to accommodate all levels. We break down the more complicated pilates moves but make sure there is still enough challenge for even the most advance student.

Starting 2016, Pilates Basics mat class is going to breathe! We will explore all the different breathing ideas that make the most challenging pilates exercises work and flow.

"In with the good air, out with the bad!" JHP

Pilates Basics is $14 per class and The School has special class cards that make exercise and dance classes very affordable, see this link for more info: Rules.