How to Breathe to De-Stress...

It seems that stress is a significant cause of our physical problems: from weight gain to stiff necks, from anxiety to depression. Can Pilates breathing help with stress? Joseph Pilates said, "Above all, learn to breathe correctly."

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"Annie, you can't breathe into your eyelids you know" 
- Ebby Calvin 'Nuke' LaLoosh


Pilates breathing breaks down into 3 uses:

1. To help the body initiate movement (knee folds or roll overs)

2. To raise the difficulty level of certain exercises (the 100s)

3. To increase the smoothness of movements and decrease static motions


Here is an exercise you can do right now to use your breath. Try this first thing in the morning, or whenever/wherever you need relaxation.

1. Sitting or standing, INHALE and swing your arms up above your head

2. As you reach high, lift your eyes and chest up to the sky

3. EXHALE as you relax your focus back to forward and open your arms to the side and then down

4. Repeat as you like. Out with the bad air in with the good!


Kelly Slough "Inhale…"photo:Michelle McGlaughlin

Kelly Slough "Inhale…"photo:Michelle McGlaughlin

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