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We are just getting started with this blog and yet have an ever growing list of people places and useful things in the Brooklyn pilates world to talk about. If you have something you are interested in or a question or picture, please feel free to send it on. 
I can be reached at NLPilates

Hope you enjoy! 

Image by Daniel Bellasarios

Image by Daniel Bellasarios

Introducing the Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio

The Nathaniel Lee Pilates   Studio

The Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio

The Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio is led by Master Teacher Nathaniel Lee. Nathaniel is a veteran of more than 20 years in the pilates world, a former dancer and athlete. You can find more information about the Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio studio on this web site under Studio pageThe Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio is part of a loose community of friends, pilates teachers, and assorted practitioners. You can find links to their info on this website on the Links page

The Mark Morris Dance Cente r

The Mark Morris Dance Center

The Nathaniel Lee Pilates Studio is very happy to be included at the Mark Morris Dance Center located in Fort Green, Brooklyn. Find us on the Contact page.  We offer one-on-one pilates sessions in the bright and shiny MMDC/Wellness Center, for rates go to the Studio page on this website.  Also, the Mark Morris Dance Center continues to offer low cost/high quality classes in pilates as well as dance and fitness for all ages and abilities. 



Extra Special Announcement!

A new class: "Pilates Basics"
Coming to The MMDC in March 2015

A New Group Mat Class Taught by Nathaniel Lee
Thursdays 6:30pm, $14
All Levels. We'll be focusing on form and Joseph Pilates' 6 Principles of Breath, Concentration, Center, Flow, Control, Precision, as well as modern ideas of Mind/Body connections and co-ordination. Beginners welcomed and encouraged.

More information at:


Coming  Soon: How to De-Stress and we talk with Blossom Leilani Crawford.

"The mind controls the body."  - Joseph Pilates

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