About Nathaniel

Nathaniel Lee has taught pilates in NYC for almost twenty years, apprenticing at The Greene Street Studio in 1997. He began teaching in Brooklyn at the Finetune Pilates teachers collective in 1999, and shortly after introducing the first Pilates classes at The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center. Nathaniel has maintained his original position with The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center, teaching open classes in pilates mat, stability ball, as well as participating in The Mark Morris Dance Group Summer and Teen Intensive Workshops. He also continues to teach personal pilates sessions at the MMDC as Nathaniel Lee Pilates.

Nathaniel has been a student of Joseph Pilates technique for more than 20 years. He has been especially inspired by renowned teachers Deborah Lessen, Clarice Marshall, Michelle Larsen and the late Kathleen Stanford Grant. After intensive teacher training and apprenticeship, he was certified to teach by The Greene Street Studio/Deborah Lessen to teach the full pilates repertory. He has additional certification and focus of study in exercise and movement study for Osteoporosis, Stress, Scoliosis, and Pre/Post-Natal exercise. 

Nathaniel enjoys working with students of all levels: he has taught professional dancers, and athletes, as well as beginning students. He emphasizes total body awareness, good form and smooth, easy control in his movement practice. Other movement studies and interests which have influenced his teaching include yoga, anatomy and alignment, Alexander Technique, Modern Dance, Ballet. He enjoys cycling,  ice hockey, and watching his son play basketball. He is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Pilates is for Everyone. Pilates is a Powerful system. Pilates can Change Your Life.

Most of us are looking for some sort of transformation from our exercise routines. Whether your goals are weight loss, strength building, or increased flexibility, Joseph H. Pilates' system for exercise, which he called "Contrology", offers a complete change in how we normally think about and perform exercise. Your body can really change. Pilates equipment helps us adapt exercises to all levels of ability and performance. The special feel of the exercises, the long and lean “pilates feeling,” comes from the combination of the unusual equipment, its spring resistance, and the strong focus on form using The Six Elements of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Breathing, Centering, Flowing Movement, Precision.

I was introduced to Joseph Pilates' ideas when I first studied dance in the late 1970's. Many dancers use pilates to maintain strength and flexibility in the pursuit of their demanding art, but non-dancers enjoy pilates too. The exciting challenges of pilates bring great results to those who commit to the movements and ideas. As a teacher I am continually impressed with its variety and ability to accommodate the many levels and concerns of my varied students.

The best way to experience pilates is with a one-on-one session with an experienced teacher, that, by design, introduces you to this wonderful technique. 

Here's an interesting article that has some history by one of the modern pilates equipment manufacturers of the Joe and his technique: The Second Generation...


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